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Ye Olde Mod Debate

So I have several mods planned for my 2004 Land Cruiser. First off, I will be putting a set of Fox 2.0 shocks on it to go along with a 30mm spacer lift (the front will just be a torsion bar crank). After that is where it gets tricky.

I already know I want to add step sliders. They are good basic armor, will allow me to remove the running boards, and the ones I want from White Knuckle Off Road (White-KnuckleOffroad.com) will work well as a step for passengers. Cost: Roughly $1,000 with shipping and add-ons.


Next I would like to add to my skid plates. On the 100 series, only the very front skid is metal, the other one is a tough fiberglass material. I would like to replace these with metal. However, since I'm not a rock crawler, I have a hard time shelling out another grand for them. Thus, I concluded the TJM sliders would be best. They cost almost 80% less than the Slee skids due to thickness and the fact they do not include the front skid. This doesn't bother me since the factory ones have gotten through so far, and I don't want the extra weight. Cost: Roughly $200

Now for roof racks. Here is where I can't make up my mind. Once again, cost is a factor. Since I will not have a roof top tent for the foreseeable future and that I do not want to block the sun roof, I am fine with getting a rack less than 2 meters long. I am looking at the Rhino Rack Pioneer Rack

And the Gamiviti Expo++ rack


Other alternatives include the Gobi Stealth Rack (http://www.gobiracks.com/racks_detail.c…) and the Frontrunner Slim line II rack (http://www.columbiaoverland.com/front-runner-t…). But both cost more than I would like to spend. The bonus of the Gamiviti is that is highly customizable, and can be run upside down so that the basket can be used as handles for the passengers. The Rhino Rack in the 60x54" configuration is the cheapest option($850), but its also the smallest of the four. The Gamiviti would be around $1,000 after shipping. The Gamiviti would also allow me to put a light bar on it at some point. I could with the Rhino Rack too, but it being a half rack would be problematic. The Gamiviti is getting a lot of love over at IH8Mud at the moment.

What would you guys do?

Part 2: Bumpers and/or Audio

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