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So my father-in-law ("FIL") has been looking off and on at Polaris RZR side by sides. On our way up to the cabin on Friday, my wife gets a text saying they have a surprise. Lo and behold, he bought a 2015 Polaris RZR 900 EPS Trail


My brief research has revealed it has a 75hp 875cc engine and less than 50" wide, which will help us find trails. It's also supposed to have 11" of ground clearance, well "up to". Seemed lower than that to me though.

Interestingly it comes with front and rear locking differentials. it can be driven in three ways: fully-open, locked rear, fully locked. Its supposed to do 0-40mph in 3.76 seconds which seems about right compared to when we mashed on the throttle.

From my brief time riding and driving it, it is a lot of fun. The preload was still set to the softest setting, so it dove a bit in corners, I'm sure we'll crank it up soon. My FIL has already been bitten by the accessory bug, so a windshield and box for the back are on the way. Its a crapshoot where you can actually use them off road though. While Northern Wisconsin has a lot of ATV trails, most of them seem to be roads or railroad grades. Neither of which are fun. Ideally by the next time we get to go north, he will have found some actual trails.

Secondly, my mother-in-law is picking up a brand new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk this week. I actually advised her to get the Grand Cherokee instead, but whatever. My FIL has already promised we're going to try it out on the trail by their cabin (see my previous posts). I don't expect it to go nearly the places my Cruiser can, but I look forward to beating on it all the same.


Based on what I've been told, I believe this is the one they bought.


Stay tuned

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