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A couple of weeks ago I agreed to take my wife’s Forrester to the dealership for the 30,000 mile service. While there I figured I might as well test drive some fun cars. Unfortunately, the dealership was targeted firmly at the family demographic, so fun cars were at a minimum. In the end I was able to test drive an FR-S (forget the year) and a 2013 WRX STI.

The FR-S was first. Due to the tinted windows, both the salesperson and I thought it was a manual, it was not. Oh well, I got to play with the manumatic. I tried to make the best of it, but I hated that transmission. Unfortunately, I’m a bit tall for it at 6’5”. If I could drop the seat another inch or go back another two, I think I would have been fine in it, but as is my right leg kept hitting the steering wheel. I will say that I read the FR-S has height adjustment, which I didn’t realize, so its possible I would fit with that at its lowest setting.


I will say I liked the proportions and how light it was. Pretty close to ideal for a small fun car. I only wish I was able to drive the manual.

Next up was the WRX STI.

I will say one thing. This was the fastest car I have ever driven. This one was a proper 6 speed and after shaking off some cobwebs, I was right back at it. The salesperson I was with was a college age girl working part-time. The nice part was that she said she never got to ride in the fast cars, so she was having fun. I was mostly on residential roads, so I couldn’t really push it, but I did punch it on a semi-industrial road and was very impressed. Although at $35k, its not likely to wind up in my garage as that’s well past my fun car budget. I was happy to see I fit well in the car. Good room all around, although being a 4 door sedan, that's not terribly surprising. Maybe in a couple of years when the prices drop more I'll take another look at them.

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