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So my birthday was last week, and my wife decided to get me a chest toolbox for our garage, which was desperately needed. My old three drawer tool box has been at capacity for 10+ years, and now that we actually have a garage, I actually have room for what I wanted. Which was this:


If money were no object, I may have gotten a big Milwaukee, Craftsman, or other name brand, but frankly I couldn’t justify it. However, I didn’t want to go Harbor Freight either. The nice thing about the one I picked is that it includes things like the assisted opening top, ball bearing drawers, and drawer liners. While it would be nice to have integrated power, its not something I really need. So I picked out the 41” 16 drawer tool chest, and my wife purchased it.


So Friday after work I went to pick it up. The toolbox came in two boxes, bottom and top. The bottom weighed 203lbs and the top 123lbs. Thankfully, my land cruiser was big enough for both of them, albeit barely. While I needed help loading them into my car (the boxes are massive and heavy), I idiotically unloaded them myself. Apparently I have good karma, because I was able to unload them without damaging them or myself.

Here are the two boxes partially broken down

Aside from the weight, I had one issue with one of the casters, which were each held on with four bolts. Basically there was a bead of weld at the lip of on of the holes, keeping the bolt from going in. Thank god for impulse buys because I was able to file it down, them retap it using a tap and die kit I picked up on a whim a few months ago.


The castors included 5” x 2”

Bolting on the side handle was a simple affair as well, no issues. I had to enlist the help of my wife to get the top chest on. While there are handles on the side, the top was simply too big for me to do myself. There are two angle brackets at the back to fasten the top and bottom pieces together. Conversely, you could always keep the top piece on a work bench and use the bottom as a movable work surface. Here she is


Here’s the top section. There is a port for electricity, but I don’t have an outlet on the wall by it.


While its not the fanciest tool box out here, I love it. I’m still in the process of moving all my tools over, but it appears I will have plenty of room for future purchases.

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